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Don’t let anyone kid you! If a writer says, Oh, it just came to me and I wrote it… Yeah, right. There’s always a story behind the story. Imagination and creativity are what takes the ordinary, the ho-hum of something that is always there, or is just around the corner, and turns it into something bigger.

It could be as unassuming a thing as overhearing a conversation between two people on an airplane and suddenly your imagination combines with the part of the writer’s mind that brings out the creativity of an idea—kicks into full bloom and a story is birthed. It may not be detailed, it will not be complete, but somehow, you just know this is it!

For example, the Tales Of Nevaeh series, a sci-fi / Fantasy combo came to me this way. Oh, it wasn’t overnight, it wasn’t even recent; it was something that ticked inside my head like a time bomb awaiting release.

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Cover Model Angelina Cavanaugh, is the model for the Tales Of Nevaeh Series.

Cover Model for Tales Of Mevaeh, Angelina CavanaughWelcome, Angelina, and thank you for doing this blog interview with me. You grace the cover of all the full length novels for Tales

Of Nevaeh, [ Born To Magic, The Dark Masters, and Trinity]; and, I have to say, when cover artist Erin Dameron Hill showed me your picture the first time, I knew you would be perfect—and you were! So, let’s let the readers out there know a little more about you.
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February 17, 2015

Changing Hats II

I don’t like this hat!

For me, writing is about creating people and places and even worlds that spring from within my mind.BUT now that Born To Magic is out, I find myself spending hours and hours every day trying to promote it.

Yes, after 33 traditionally published novels I am now an independently published author, and yes, at this point and with my fourth Indie book out I know I must promote my work or it will not get anywhere. BUT it certainly doesn’t bode well for the future of writers, when they must spend more time promoting than writing.

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