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February 17, 2015

Changing Hats II

I don’t like this hat!

For me, writing is about creating people and places and even worlds that spring from within my mind.BUT now that Born To Magic is out, I find myself spending hours and hours every day trying to promote it.

Yes, after 33 traditionally published novels I am now an independently published author, and yes, at this point and with my fourth Indie book out I know I must promote my work or it will not get anywhere. BUT it certainly doesn’t bode well for the future of writers, when they must spend more time promoting than writing.

And YES, I know that in today’s market, the traditional publishers are now REQUIRING their writers to do most of their own promotion, including building a website, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Only the bestselling authors seem to have the publishing houses behind them with advertising.

So where do we independent writers go from here? How does the market shake itself out? Those are questions that will be answered over the next couple of years, but for the present, authors battle authors for space on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and every Social Media outlet available to us, because most of us cannot afford a page in the New York Times Review Of Books , and they certainly don’t give a damn about independently published novels other than to give minimal lip service to us.

And Publishers Weekly ? Do I dare mention them and independent publishing in the same breath? No, I think not.

Again, how do we get to where we, as writers, need to be? How do we claim enough real estate to bypass the 1,2 or 3 second space given to a post on social media before it is replaced by another author trying to get some recognition?

How do we get the time to write when we spend so much time in promotion?
If anyone has some answers, PLEASE tell me.

David Wind
Born To Magic

February 9, 2015

Changing Hats

With my new novel, Born To Magic, is coming out Sunday the 15th, and I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it takes to get a book moving. When I say moving, I mean getting the book in front of readers. Writing is a somewhat solitary profession, but once a book is done and it is about to be published, a writer has to change hats, leave his or her ‘garret’ and face the world.

The new hat the writer wears is that of publicist, hawker, social media maven, and beggar….It is the polar opposite of what a writer does (usually) best. And it takes a lot of time, effort & sweat and, as I mentioned before, begging.

It used to be a writer would write, the publisher would publish and handle the marketing, thr media…basically all phases of the post publication process. Now, whether the writer is a traditionally published author or an independent author, the burden is on the writer.

I have been working for several weeks to prepare for the release of Born To Magic. I’ve gotten several early reviews in, and they are not just simply 5 star reviews, but wonderful ones as well. I’ve been tweeting and facebooking and bouncing around on a bunch of reader blogs all in name of introducing my work to new readers.

Time will tell if this is approach works to both the reader and writer’s advantage. But for those who are reading this (both readers and writers), please do respond with your thoughts as to the effectiveness of social media marketing for writers.

And please remember, Born To Magic, will be available starting February 15th.




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