This page contains: Formatting,
Editing, Cover Design, and Author Assistance


There are several types of formatting, from the basic manuscript formatting, through eBook file formatting and print book formatting. The formatters and services below have been vetted properly.

Remember, you are an Indie writer. The final formatting is up to you. It should not just be professional; the formatting needs to work for you and for the eBook retailer and aggregators you have selected.

Beyond Def

Beyond Def offers several services including formatting. The Beyond Def team is experienced and professional.

The Deliberate Page, Formatter Tamara Cribley:
The Deliberate Page and Tamara will format your book for either eBook, Print, or both, and have it returned to you in ePub and Mobi files, and a ready for print submission PDF.

My Book Designer

Debbie Stocco, of My Book Designer, offers book formatting of any type of book for paperback and hardback, digital pdfs, and eBooks (ePub and Mobi).
Interior book design is based on the complexity of the formatting (fiction being the least complex), the word count, and the number of pictures or graphics. A short fiction novel starts at $250 (as of June 2019).

Nicholas Rossis formats manuscripts for writers who publish exclusively on Amazon. Nicholas is a formatter of excellent repute.

Formatting help websites and Blogs

ALLi: Alliance of Independent Authors

Amazon’s KDP   (Kindle Direct Publishing)

Just Publishing Advice

The Write Life:

Author Assistance

SPS: Self-Publishing Services, LLC

“We are a company created by and for authors. As such, we charge up-front fees and we do not retain any rights or require any royalties.We want to help you succeed!”

Beyond Def Publishing Services, LLC

The team at Beyond DEF creates professional covers, precisely-edited manuscripts, and professional-looking books to help your work catch the eye of the reader.


Pelican Proofing & PA Services: L.J. Redding, Editor.
After realizing the need for affordable services to small publishers and Indie authors, Lacie founded Pelican Proofing in 2013. Lacie’s aim is to maintain the integrity of the author’s voice, while producing a professional manuscript.

Lacie Redding has been my editor at Pelican Proofing since 2015 and has done an outstanding job of keeping my manuscripts clean, precise, and professionally edited and proofed. She works with her clients during and even after finishing your manuscript to make certain everything goes properly.



Laurie Boris, Editor.
Editor Laurie Boris moved from traditional into the Indie publishing world as both an editor and author. Laurie is extremely talented and will work with you to edit and shape your manuscript. I have known Laurie for many years and can attest to her abilities as an editor.

In her own words, she says, “I’ve been copyediting and proofreading for over twenty years. If you’re polishing up your manuscript for self-publishing or for presentation to agents and publishers, let me help you go out looking your best. I offer reasonable rates priced by the job, free sample edits, and indie-friendly service. My main editing experience has been with fiction, but I’ve edited nonfiction as well. References available upon request.”



Terese Ramin, Editor.
An experienced editor in both traditional publishing and Indie publishing, Terese Ramin has been writing and editing for over thirty years. Terese specializes in fiction, including romance and all of its sub-genres, mystery-suspense-thrillers, fantasy-paranormal, and literary fiction. Terese is highly recommend by Indie writers. Query Terese for prices for developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading.



Victoria Landis, Editor
Victoria Landis conducts her editing work with Indie authors in several ways. Before committing herself to a writer’s project, she requests they send her three pages from the middle of their manuscript. She’ll read those, choose one or two, and make a sample edited page(s) for the prospective client. Some want all the proposed changes only to be inside comments, even the punctuation changes, and others would rather she make the changes on the document itself, but highlight them in red. Landis can estimate from these choices about how many hours it will take to edit the book and provide a fairly accurate expected cost.

How many sample edited pages are given to the client depend on what the client says they want—simple line editing or something more complex—as well as the author’s writing level and the state of the manuscript. Line editing tends to go faster, so she can do more pages per hour. If the author hasn’t yet attained a good level of self-editing ability, it will take longer.




Authors Cross Promotion: (AuthorsXP)

Offers proofreading as one of its writer/author services.

Pelican Proofing: 


Steven Novak, Graphic Cover Artist:,

I have been working with Steven for several years, and he has done a dozen of my Indie covers. Here’s what he says on his website: “I have worked with everyone from Indie authors looking to dip their toes in the market, to publishing houses both small and large. My job is always the same: give you a cover that will snag the attention of readers. My prices are affordable, my turnaround is fast, and best of all I love doing it.”

I will attest to what Steven has said on his website; and, his prices are good, and his turn around time is excellent.

Fiona Jayde:
Fiona Jade has a stellar reputation in the Indie industry as an exceptional cover artist. Check her website for further details.

The Book Cover Designer: (TBCD)

I have found their covers to be among the best pre-made covers. Here is a quote from

Here at The Book Cover Designer we have more than 13,000 outstanding pre-made book covers priced between $50 and $500. Our variety of more than a hundred vendors includes up-and-coming, as well as veteran designers, who offer eBooks and full jacket covers in every possible genre. Each cover is sold only once, which means that you won’t end up having the same cover as some other author.