Stories of suspense from the pen of David Wind, include tales of Suspense and Romantic Suspense to carry you into heart-pounding and mind-teasing adventures.

Out of the Shadows

She is a single mother and a homicide cop.

She is back on the case after the horrible accident that almost claimed her life. An accident that wasn’t an accident at all….and her name is Amy Morgan.

The serial killer Amy hunted two tears ago, before the accident that took her out of the streets, is back and is killing again. Amy knows she still has a job to do: what she doesn’t know is that this time the job has changed … now, he wants her to know what he’s done, and what he’s going to do. He’s closer than she thinks and he is about to step out of the shadows and claim Amy as his final sacrifice.

Desperately Killing Suzanne

Suspense, Mystery, and Death follow Suzanne everywhere
A beloved TV star at six; A Hollywood scream queen at eighteen; married to a famous author and living the life of a celebrity.
…..Run Suzanne… The monster wants you dead!
She was safe and sound in her bubble of fame and love–except for the accidents that follow wherever she goes.
…..Run Suzanne…. The Monsters in your head.
For twenty years, terrible accidents haunt her life. The people she care about die. She ran from Hollywood to hide in France. But in France, the worst tragedy of her life happened when her husband and son died.
…..Run Suzanne….. Ooh too late, Oh, Suzanne, you’re dead