The International Best Selling Sci-Fi / Fantasy Series Box Set

Welcome to Nevaeh — where magic has replaced technology

Enter ‘A brilliant escape from reality… into a brilliantly designed world**’ with the Complete 4 book Science Fiction and Fantasy Bundle of the Epic Fantasy Series, Tales Of Nevaeh. Join Areenna and Mikaal as the ritual and magic and sword and sorcery in the future of our world combine as ten dominions struggle for supremacy while a dark, formidable power emerges to threaten all. (**5 Star review )

BOOK 1, BORN TO MAGIC begins the Epic Sci-Fi fantasy  saga
Long ago, the violence and radiation of terrorist wars killed America. Descendants of the survivors now dwell in a world of ritual and magic, where ten dominions struggle for supremacy and a dark, formidable power has emerged.
Areenna, the only daughter of the King of Freemorn, is barely 18, yet her psychic ability is strong. She is called to The Island and learns that the fate of her world is in her hands. She must undertake a perilous journey to save Nevaeh from malicious destruction. But she will not travel alone.

Mikaal, the son of the High King of Nevaeh, has just as much at stake as Areenna. The quest takes them through haunted wastelands filled with mutants while a vile and evil force will do everything in its power to stop them–for it wants Nevaeh as its own.

Prelude To Nevaeh: The Prequel to the Sci-Fi fantasy Series
The Novella, PRELUDE TO NEVAEH is the prequel to the series, Tales Of Nevaeh, which includes Born To Magic, Vol I, The Dark Masters, Vol II, and Trinity, Vol. III. Prelude is the complete backstory of how and why Nevaeh came to be, of how Roth came to Nevaeh, and of how the people and animals of Nevaeh evolved. (This should be read following Book 1)

BOOK 2, THE DARK MASTERS, continues the Epic Sci-Fi fantasy series. Across the sea, the sorcerers known as the Dark Masters, launch a fleet of ships with tens of thousands of warriors. In Nevaeh, charged with an epic journey, Areenna and Mikaal, armed only with their psychic abilities, their swords and Areenna’s bow, must travel to the desolate Frozen Mountains. There, in the unchartered dangerous region, they must discover not just the legends, but the millennia old secret awaiting them in their fight to save Nevaeh from extermination.

BOOK 3, TRINITY, Concludes the opening novels of the Tales Of Nevaeh series
Areenna of Freemorn and Mikaal of Tolemac must bring together the ten dominions for one last battle against their ruthless enemy. The Dark Masters threaten to annihilate the Nevaens, wiping humanity from the face of the earth, unless Areenna and Mikaal can find the mystical power that is Nevaeh’s salvation

To save their world, and their people, they must go where no one has gone for 3000 years: below the Island–deep beneath what used to be Manhattan. As the days grow darker, they search to find deliverance for their people, and become what has been prophesied–the Trinity of power. To accomplish this, they must first discover the third pillar of their powers.
Time is running out. Can they build the Trinity in time to save humanity from extinction?

A Thriller Bundle of action and suspense

4 novels of Terrorism, Espionage, Serial Killers, and Noir Mystery with One Cop, 2 Spies and one PI who change the lives of everyone they meet.

THe Four Book Boxed Set: Cops SPies & PI's


When Trans Air Flight 88 is hijacked on approach to Kennedy Airport, warning bells ring in every agency in the country. For the passengers and crew the most terrifying hours of their lives unfold. When the hijacking ends with the deaths of the terrorists, and the hostages who lived freed, everyone believes the nightmare is over….but for Raymond Hyte and the surviving hostages, it was just the beginning, as a serial killer stalks the streets of New York, murdering all the surviving passengers.


In a safe house in France, in 1947, a Russian KGB Agent enters and kills a master OSS agent and his wife during childbirth and kidnaps their infant son. The infant is rescued moments before the KGB agent can leave France. Every trace of this horrendous act is destroyed and no record of the kidnapping exist.Decades later, a KGB sleeper-agent discovers a super-secret file detailing a decades old plot to control the White House and is deterPreviewmined to reveal his discovery–the Soviet sleeper is killed before he can complete the delivery to his CIA handler. The sleeper-agent lives long enough to warn CIA agent Kevin Chapin about a powerful mole in the American Government and how the mole’s role in the upcoming Presidential elections are the key and unless he can expose the dark secret, the ruthless enemies of our country will stop at nothing to seize control of the United States…..


The treaty was the culmination of Steven Morrisy’s career. The hours of negotiation and coded messages between the United States, the Soviet Union and China gave birth to a plan to ensure peace–but in a Capitol Hill office, someone is working to guarantee it will be stillborn. Morrisy wants to bring a new level of peace to the world, knowing his candidate for President must be elected if their plan is to succeed. But the enemies of peace have discovered this and will do whatever is necessary to destroy this chance for world peace. Even if it means killing anyone who stands in their way…even Steven Morrisy’s fiancé.to discredit him.


Early one morning, Private investigator Gabe Storm is summoned to an apartment by the NYPD. Storm learns his best friend, Scotty Granger, a Broadway producer, is dead. Police say Granger was murdered in a botched burglary attempt. Unwilling to accept the NYPD’s take on the crime, Storm pursues the mysterious killer into the underbelly of Broadway’s high finance, the dangerous world of pimps, gangsters, the Mafia and through the halls of the U.S. Senate, where he learns how even a dead man cannot keep a secret.

The New Sci-Fi Fantasy Series, Based on the Tales of Nevaeh Series.

The Journals of Solomon Roth, Box Set: WARLORD: ARRIVAL, Journal 1 & WARLORD: The Rise, Journal 2

The 2 book box set of The Journals of Solomon Roth


From the dystopian ashes of a dead Earth, 200 people placed into hibernation are sent into space to save humanity. 3000 years later, the sole survivor of the starship awakens into the post-apocalyptic world of his birth–A New SciFi Fantasy from the Author of the hit series Tales of Nevaeh.

This Special 2 Book set includes, Warlord: Arrival, Journal 1, and Warlord The Rise, Journal 2, of The Journals of Solomon Roth.


Warlord: Arrival, Journal 1:The Journals of Solomon Roth is a new series based on the Post-Apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy, Tales of Nevaeh series. WARLORD is the story of Solomon Roth’s return to a vastly different earth 3,000 years after he left. The first books of the series will follow Roth’s rise as one of the most powerful warriors in Nevaeh.

Warlord The Rise, Journal 2, The Journals of Solomon Rothas Solomon Roth rises within the ranks of the Nevaen hierarchy to forge an alliance between the ten dominions of Nevaeh in preparation of the coming attacks by the Dark Sorceress as she and her Dark Masters prepare to conquer the ten Nevaen Domains.

– Roth and Enaid are the only people who may be able to bring together the Nevaens, stop the dark forces from overrunning their world, and bring peace to all the people, but only if they survive the hidden forces of the Dark Masters.