By Laurie Boris
5 star review

With her new novel, ‘The Call’, Laurie Boris’ has hit a Major League Home Run! I haven’t read a baseball novel since school, I think the last one I read was ‘The Kid Who Batted 1000’ (written in the 50’s). What I will tell you—since I don’t believe a review should give anything away— is that from the first page, the author grabbed my shirt in two fists, yanked me close, and did not let me go until the last page. Her way with words turned what could have been a futile attempt into a magnificent read about baseball, umpiring, women in the game, and what happens behind the scenes.

Whether you are a man or a woman, whether you like sports, or even if you don’t, get this book and read it. You’ll thank me.


A DIAMOND IN MY POCKET (The Unaltered) (Volume 1)

By Lorena Angell
5 star review

A great start to what promised to be an exciting series!
Ms. Angell’s story caught me immediately, bringing to life an exciting and excellently paced story, filled with well drawn characters and a boatload of suspense. This was a great start to what promised to be an exciting series. (YA – Adult)


The Amulet

By Effrosyni Moschoudi
5 star review

Ms. Moschoudi is a talented writer who (having read several of her novels) writes in the sphere of the paranormal. The Amulet is light romance blending both a child-like innocence and a womanly maturity with traces of the more serious aspects of life and emotions. Her prose also combines a delicate balance between the seriousness of today’s world and social situations with a thoughtful paranormal component.  (Suitable for YA through adult)


The DCI Jones Casebook: Cryer’s View

By Kerry J. Donovan
5 star review
October 25, 2016

The Best Procedural I’ve Read In A decade!
Cryer’s View, the newest of the DCI Jones Casebook series is a wonderful action packed read. Written with verve and style, Cryer’s View is the best [police] procedural I have read in a decade. Alive with intelligent humor and page turning prose, this inside look into the top levels of crime detection and security has a churning plot that kept me fully involved from the first page to the last. Oh, and for us American readers, let me warn you that nowt actually means naught, a British colloquialism.


Infinite Waters

By Nicholas C. Rossis
5 star review

When I finished Infinite Waters, I did so with memories of Bradbury’s ‘Illustrated Man’, and Spinrad’s ‘Last Hurrah Of The Golden Heard’, strongly evoked. This anthology of short stories, connected by a common thread, was a pleasure to read. Nicholas Rossis has proven, again, that he is a master of the craft of speculative fiction.  Be sure to read Infinite Waters, you will not be disappointed.See this on Amazon


Sewing Can Be Dangerous and Other Small Threads

By S.R. Mallery
5 star review

S. R. Mallery’s Sewing Can Be Dangerous and Other Small Threads is a wonderful anthology of short stories. I found this author’s short stories to be superb islands of literature, while connecting each story to a central theme.  Each story is outstanding and completely different from the other.  Written with a confident and smooth literary style, Ms. Mallery takes us on eleven varied and heartfelt adventures.

The author writes with passion and historical facts, combining them to drive one on to the next story, and then the next…. Grab this excellent read from a powerful writer.
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On Lucky Shores

By Kerry Donovan
5 star review

On Lucky Shores is the best novel of its genre I have read in the last 10 years. Written in the smooth style I’ve become accustomed to from this exceptional author. This suspense thriller represents a 180 degree shift from his DCI Jones Casebook series and is so well paced that I had no choice but to turn page after page, and get annoyed when I had to stop reading to perform some menial day to day physical act, other than to keep on reading.
Everything about the book keeps you wondering, and there are just enough twists in the story to imitate one of the winding switchback roads leading down the Rock Mountains to Lucky Shores.

Kudo’s to Mr. Donovan, and 5 stars at a minimum!


The Gemstone Chronicles Book One: The Carnelian

By William Stuart
5 star review
June 24, 2015

A good series starter
An interesting first book of a middle-grade series, The Carnelian, The Gemstone Chronicles Book One, starts with a rural Georgian family (U.S., not Russian) and takes the reader on a fantasy adventure that moves along at a subtle pace. The main characters—grandparents and two grandchildren—end up on a journey in a non-cartoon fantasyland within our world where they meet all manner of beings and creatures from Elves, downward. (Reminiscent of many of the inhabitants of LOTR.)

Mr. Stuart has a credible imagination, and tells the story with a smooth and interesting voice. Its pacing is almost perfect for the young middle grade readers. I think this is a perfect novel to get any 11-15 year old off on the road to fantasy and science fiction.

Good luck with the rest of the series, Mr. Stuart.   (YA – ADULT)
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Police Procedural

The DCI Jones Casebook: Sean Freeman Kindle Edition

By Kerry Donovan
5 star review
June 1, 2015

Kerry Donovan and DCI Jones: What a great of a combination!
Mr. Donovan has outdone himself in his newest DCI Jones Casebook series. This installment features master safecracker and bad guy Sean Freeman in a rip-roaring police procedural that absolutely rocks! As complex a plot as possible, with several side trips to boot, this story kept me glued to the pages. It is also obvious that Mr. Donovan not only researched the facts and background thoroughly, he created an iconic figure in DCI David Jones. And as a storyteller, he keeps the reader moving constantly forward, forcing you to turn pages quickly while he draws you through the twists and turns of his latest casebook. When you spend some time following the cast of characters around, the good guys, the bad guys, and the incidentals, you’ll find the ending as much fun as each of its preceding pages.

….Oh, did I mention I really liked the book?
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Eno And The Dragon

By C.B.Pratt
5 star review
May, 2015

Fifth Fab Fantasy – Five Stars!
While Eno had trudged through many adventures, wielding weapons and wits, fighting for and against the whimsical deities of old Greece,  Eno And The Dragon is by far C.B. Pratt’s best fantasy of this series.  Matured, stronger, wiser and ready to do what is necessary for those who need this Hero For Hire’s services and help, Eno steps up to become not just the Hero, but the man he is meant to be. And, I love learning about his paternity. Just one remark to the author about the end of Eno’s wanderings–Say it ain’t so… Maybe one day he’ll be back.

Romantic Comedy

Pineapple Lies: Pineapple Port Romantic Comedy / Mystery: Book One

By Amy Vansant
5 star review
April 20, 2015

Well written, enjoyable and funny:
Reading this first book of a romantic mystery/comedy series was a big step for me as I tend to like straight-forward mysteries.  The premise of a 20 something woman, not just living in, but having grown up in one of Florida’s senior communities piqued my interest. The backstory of Charlotte, the protagonist, is a plausible setting for the real story, which begins after finding the skeleton of a woman in her backyard.

From that point on, the humor takes over, and as much as I do not like humor in suspense (except for a few little spots) I ended up laughing out loud more times than not!  Ms. Vansant’s humor, more so even than the enjoyable mystery of the story is what makes this into a page turner.  You want to know what is happening via the plotline, but you also want to keep smiling and laughing.

Charlotte’s love interest is a well-constructed man, (in both a physical and a literary way) who learns about the body when he races into the house to look at its contents n preparation to make an offer to the estate. After all, he does has a pawnshop and a used furniture shop.

The only issue here is that the bones belong to his mother – it’s a hell of a way to start a romance!

While there is every stereotype and archetype of the 55 plus crowd, most of it comes across as real.  This was a very enjoyable read, and so much fun that I will be reading the next Pineapple Mystery as soon as it comes out.
Thank you for the laughs, Ms. Vansant.

AI Gone Wild!

By Dena Nicotra
5 star review
April 18, 2015

First off, I really liked this book! It reminded me of the classic sci-fi I grew up reading. Robots, Androids, Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick, two of several authors who dared espouse the future with synthetic beings. ‘Simple’ gave action from start to finish. And since my own preference leans toward strong ballsy women… Wait till you meet Lee!

Written in a no-nonsense first person, Ms. Nicotra tells the story of a future filled with ‘sims’ – synthetic people. This is not an updated version of Asimov’s Robot series, nor is it another version of ‘Do Android Dream Of Electric Sheep’; rather, it is a flat out statement that man will reap what he sows, in this case, make a synthetic person, using Artificial Intelligence and you stand the chance of creating the end of humanity. No zombies, no werewolves, no vampires need apply—just AI gone wild. That’s it, no spoilers, no teasers. Read it.

Paranormal Fantasy

The Secret of Excalibur

By Sahara Foley
April 11, 2015

An unconventional book on several levels, with a unique twist on the Authorian legends. The Secret of Excalibur is the story of Arthur Merlin, who, interestingly, ends up with great psychic powers.

Leaving the CIA and FBI and all their testing of him behind, Arthur goes to England where he is promptly garbled up by a professor and MI6. But Arthur isn’t easily caught, unless he wants to be caught, and so the adventure goes.

There is a romance/affair between Arthur and the professor’s assistant, Ruth, which happened a little to quickly for my taste, but the scenes involving their romantic tryst we a lot of fun – you’ll understand why when you read the book.

That’s as much book info as I will give—you’ll get the rest when you read it, and you should. I found it to be, despite some issues, a page turner right to the last intriguing page!

The issues, which stop me from making this a full 5 star review are preferential. I am not a fan of a book written with the narrator telling the story, but can live with that; however, switching between narrator, first person perspective and omniscient threw me off stride several times, hence the 4 star rating instead of a five.

Curse (Wexkia trilogy Book 1)

By Dale Furse
March 18, 2015

Simply Wonderful!
I’ve just read a wonderful sci-fi fantasy. Curse, is a mixture of science fiction and fantasy as well as the start of a coming of age series. A well written and perfectly executed novel, Curse deals with Nelle, a young Australian girl who has no idea of who she really is and lives in a secluded area of, my guess is, the Aussie back country.

I hate giving away plots, and so I won’t; rather, let me say that following Nelles’s incredible journey of discovery is only part of what is contained in the book. Fantasy lives well in Dale Fuse’s hand and reminds me of the early days of sci-fi and fantasy and the great writers who teased teenagers and young adults of the 20th century into becoming fans and writers.

Overall, Curse, Book ONE of the Wexkia Trilogy is a very worthwhile read!

Senseless Acts of Beauty

By Lisa Verge Higgins
5 star review
March 16, 2015

One of the most captivating stories I’ve read in years
I wasn’t sure of what I was getting into when I started Senseless Acts Of Beauty; however, when I finished the novel I knew exactly what it was – one of the best written most captivating stories I’ve read in years. The title and genre of this novel may fool you; don’t let it, for it far exceeds both.
Do not expect me to tell you about the story, other than it is a slice of life you absolutely want to know about, but not necessarily live.

Lisa Verge Higgins has created a stunning success of a story that instantly draws you in and forces you to invest emotionally in its three main characters. Then, like the proverbial 18-wheeler running a-muck down the highway, it drags you along whether you want to be there or not. Trust me, you want to share the pages with Tess and Riley and Sadie.

Thank you Ms. Verge Higgins for this literary treat.

Every Five Minutes

By Bronswyn Elsmore
5 star review
March 12, 2015

Quirky, Unique, Exceptional
Quirky, Unique and exceptional is the only way I can explain ‘Every 5 Minutes’. This is an excellently written, perfectly paced intimate look into the guarded mind of a turtle-like woman—a woman who spends a good part of her life hiding within the shell of her daily routine. The woman, ‘Gina’ is shadowed in several mysteries the author does not share with us; however, the references to Gina’s seemingly mysterious past ‘issues’ only adds to the strength of the story.

This novel is a love story written in 5-minute bursts of fear and of hope, happiness and sadness. Bronwyn Elsmore has written a gift of a story, one that should read with as careful an eye to the wording as the author gave to its creation.

Runaway Smile

By Nicholas Rossis
5 star review
February 3, 2015

A wonderful chidrens book!
What a wonderful book. It was a joy to read for myself, and it will be even more fun to read it to my grandson the very next time I see him. This is not a distracting high arty style book; rather it is a thoughtfully told and illustrated with sepia toned and enjoyable illustrations that serve to help focus on the text rather than force a child’s eyes from the words.
Well done Mr. Rossis!

Silent Counsel

By Ken Isaacson

December 8, 2008

5.0 out of 5 stars Powerful
This review is from: Silent Counsel: A Novel (Hardcover)
Ken Isaacson’s ‘Silent Counsel’ is an extremely well written and plotted novel. While not a big fan of “legal Thrillers”, Isaacson’s story gave me an insider’s view of the way an attorney’s mind works, how ethics can taunt and haunt, all combined with a thriller of a story that kept me reading until the very last page. Bravo Mr. Isaacson, I am eagerly looking forward to your next book.

Freezer Burn: A C.S.U. Investigation

By D.H. Dublin

October 10, 2008

5 stars Excellent Read!
I’m not big on Tech stuff, and I began this book with a little trepidation; however, Freezer Burn took me by surprise. It has just the right amount of forensic technical information to push the story on in an exciting way. The story is fast paced and told with a great sense of timing that builds suspense right to the very end, in true thriller style. My hat is off to D.H. Dublin for a great read.