Novels of Mystery, Suspense, Action, Thrillers, and Noir

Angels in Mourning

Angels In Mourning, a Noir Mystery by David Wind
Can a Throwback Noir Hard-Boiled P.I. survive in today’s world? Can a dead man tell a tale?
Summoned early one morning to an apartment by the NYPD,Gabriel Storm learns his best friend, Broadway producer Scotty Granger, is dead. Police say Granger was murdered in a botched burglary attempt. Unwilling to accept the NYPD’s take on the crime, Storm pursues the mysterious killer into the underbelly of Broadway’s high finance, the dangerous world of pimps, gangsters, the Mafia and through the halls of the U.S. Senate, where he learns how even a dead man cannot keep a secret.


Whistleblower's Daughter

The Whistleblower’s Daughter

Was it a Cure for Cancer, or Drug Company Greed.
–Thousands are dead! Now the questions must be answered about the drug that was called the great cure for cancer! Two years after its release, thousands of cured patients inexplicitly died. The drug was recalled. Then came the questions, was it terrorist sabotage? Was it greed? Or, was it outright murder by an insane research scientist in retaliation against the pharmaceutical giant he worked and to avenge the death of his wife?
–Only Kira Brockman, the Whistleblower’s Daughter, know the truth about her father, and about his mysterious disappearance.
–Everyone wants the Whistleblower: The FDA, Homeland Security, the Lawyers, and the FBI: Only Kira Brockman can prove that her father is not a murderer.

The Sokova Convention

The Sokova Convention by David WindAn Action, Suspense, and espionage, spy thriller.
For almost a half century, the KGB kept secret the most devastating political plot the Soviets have ever evolved. It began in a French farmhouse in 1947, and lay dormant until the Cold War ended. Then in an election year, a Russian sleeper agent initiates the Sokova Convention to take control of the United States.

In a safe house in France, in 1947, a Russian KGB Agent enters and kills a master OSS agent and his wife during childbirth and kidnaps their infant son. The infant is rescued moments before the KGB agent can leave France. Every trace of this horrendous act is destroyed and no record of the kidnapping exist.
Decades later, a KGB sleeper-agent discovers a super-secret file detailing a decades old plot to control the White House and is determined to reveal his discovery–the CIA sleeper agent, embedded in the KGB, is killed before he can complete the delivery to his CIA handler. The sleeper-agent lives long enough to warn CIA agent Kevin Chapin about a powerful mole in the American Government and how the mole’s role in the upcoming Presidential elections are the key and unless he can expose the dark secret, the ruthless enemies of our country will stop at nothing to seize control of the United States…..

The Hyte Maneuver

The Hyte Maneuver

Dig in and hold your breath! This gripping terrorism thriller and serial murder mystery will not let you go.

When Trans Air Flight 88 is hijacked on approach to Kennedy Airport, warning bells ring in every agency in the country. For the passengers and crew the most terrifying hours of their lives unfolded. The hijacking ends with the deaths of the terrorists. The hostages who live are freed, and everyone believes the nightmare is over….but for NYPD lieutenant Raymond Hyte and the surviving hostages, it is just the beginning, as a serial killer stalks the streets of New York, murdering all the surviving passengers and challenging Raymond Hyte to stop the killing?

Can Hyte stop the killer before he murders everyone who was on Flight88? The battle between the ingenious murderer and the master policeman rages across New York five boroughs until it reaches its unexpected its climax.

“WARNING: David Wind has written an engrossing story with tremendous pace and authenticity of detail. It is a book to be savored, although perhaps not on a plane.”

The Morrisy Manifest

The Morrisey Manifest, a thriller
A Political and International Espionage Thriller!

The treaty was the culmination of Steven Morrisy’s career. The hours of negotiation and coded messages between the United States, the Soviet Union and China gave birth to a plan to ensure peace–but in a Capitol Hill office, someone is working to guarantee it will be stillborn. Morrisy wants to bring a new level of peace to the world, knowing his candidate for President must be elected if their plan is to succeed. But the enemies of peace have discovered this and will do whatever is necessary to destroy this chance for world peace. Even if it means killing anyone who stands in their way…even Steven Morrisy’s fiancé.to discredit him.

Mystery & Suspense

Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadow by David WindShe is a single mother and a homicide cop.

She is back on the case after the horrible accident that almost claimed her life. An accident that wasn’t an accident at all….and her name is Amy Morgan.

The monster Amy hunted two tears ago, before the accident that took her out of the streets, is back and killing again. Amy knows she still has a job to do. But what she doesn’t know is that this time the job has changed, for now he wants her to know what he’s done and what he’s going to do. He’s closer than she thinks and he is about to step out of the shadows and claim Amy as his final sacrifice.

Desperately Killing Suzanne

Suspense, Mystery, and Death follow Suzanne everywhere
A beloved TV star at six; A Hollywood scream queen at eighteen; married to a famous author and living the life of a celebrity.
…..Run Suzanne… The monster wants you dead!
She was safe and sound in her bubble of fame and love–except for the accidents that follow wherever she goes.
…..Run Suzanne…. The Monsters in your head.
For twenty years, terrible accidents haunt her life. The people she care about die. She ran from Hollywood to hide in France. But in France, the worst tragedy of her life happened when her husband and son died.
…..Run Suzanne….. Ooh too late, Oh, Suzanne, you’re dead