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Welcome to my virtual home. As a writer who grew up reading science fiction, fantasy, and more than a few mysteries (stolen from my parent’s night tables) I work in several genres, which are: science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, thrillers, police procedurals, and suspense. I use plotting to move you deeper into the story,  into the who, what, where, and why of the stories. Sci-Fi / fantasy Novels and Stories allow you, the reader, to escape into worlds of  imagination. My fiction, the Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Mystery novels I write have been translated into 11 languages and published in 15+ countries. Please visit my blog, where I do my best to tell you what is happening in the world of writing and in my own world, and please sign up for my newsletters where I have interviews with other writers, hold giveaways, and find lots of other books for you to peruse.  And please don’t hesitate to email me, as I enjoy communicating with my readers.

Thank you for visiting. – David Wind

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Volumes I — VIII

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Enter a brilliant escape from reality… into a brilliantly designed world
with the entire Science Fiction and Fantasy Bundle of the Epic Fantasy
Series,Tales Of Nevaeh. Join Areenna and Mikaal as the ritual and magic
and sword andsorcery in the future of our world combine as ten
dominionsstruggle forsupremacy while the Dark Masters
formidable power threatens all.


“Hints of Star Wars blend with Shannara perhaps,
and the result is nicely individual, futuristic, fascinating,
and very well-told. Highly recommended.” 
Sheila Deeth VINE VOICE

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Coming March 3, 2023

A Forerunner Story

Goddess, A Forerunner Sci-Fi Adventure

Was She Human … a Female Alien … Or?
Whatever she was, First-in Scout Roke Stenner is caught within her
powers and like a mythological Greek sailor, he cannot stop himself from
answering her siren’s call. Anadi was the perfect uninhabited earth like
planet for human colonization; but,Exploration Guild First-in Scout
Roke Stenner knew something was wrong soon after he landed.
His job was to make certainAnadi would be ready for colonization; but
what he discovered on the planet was anything but normal. On his first
survey , he fell from the side of a mountain and into a river.
The woman who saved his life, the woman who appeared to be human,
was the only inhabitant on the planet…but her presence was impossible!

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The Novels of David Wind
The best-selling Post Apocalyptic Epic Sci-Fi Fantasy of Earth's future


What would you do if you were told
the future of the world is in your hands?

   Areenna of Freemorn is discovering her powers when she is called to a place of magic from which few ever return.
  Mikaal of Tolemac, the son of the High King holds a secret so dangerous it could shatter the fabric of the world should it become known.

The Amazon best-selling
Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Fantasy
is now ONLY .99 CENTS

Out of the Shadow by David Wind

Out of the Shadows

She is a single mother and a homicide cop.

She is back on the case after a horrible accident almost claimed her life. An accident that wasn’t an accident at all….and her name is Lieutenant Amy Morgan.

[ Police Procedural / Suspense ]

The Hyte Maneuver

The Hyte Maneuver

When Trans Air Flight 88 is hijacked on approach to Kennedy Airport, warning bells ring in every agency in the country. For the passengers and crew the most terrifying hours of their lives unfolded. The hijacking ends with the deaths of the terrorists. The hostages who live are freed, and everyone believes the nightmare is over….but for NYPD lieutenant Raymond Hyte and the surviving hostages, it is just the beginning……

The 35th Anniversary of Queen of Knights, a Medieval Fantasy

Queen of Knights

From Medieval England to the Crusades in the Holy Land comes a legendary woman of Magic and Might

In the days of Richard The Lion Heart, Gwendolyn was born. Conceived within the Druid mists, at King Arthur’s Legendary Pool of Pendragon and…became the most powerful knight the world had ever seen….

[Medieval Fantasy ]

Infinity's Doorway A Paranormal Sci-Fi Thriller

Infinity’s Doorway

Arren Blaine is a cop, he doesn’t believe in the paranormal. He knows there is no such things as Werewolves or Shifters, until…

“Find me…” The words uttered by the mysterious woman he’d swerved off the road to miss, echo continually in Dallas policeman Arren Blaine’s head as he fights to get back into the world of the living, after the almost fatal car crash.

[Sci-Fi Paranormal Thriller]

Angles in Mourning by David Wind


A Contemporary Noir Mystery.

Can a Throwback Noir Hard-Boiled P.I. survive in today’s world?
Can a dead man tell a tale?

From Broadway to Hell’s Kitchen, to Little Havana in Miami, and to Washington DC, and then  back to Broadway, the action never stops!

[ Noir Mystery ]



Based on the Harry Chapin Song
A novel of Contemporary Fiction
A story about life, though perhaps not the one you would choose to live. Inspired by the characters from the Harry Chapin song of the same name.
was awarded the Bronze Medal for Literary
Excellence from Ireland’s prestigious
DD International Awards;

Was named a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree
[ Contemporary Fiction}

The Indie Writer's Handbook


A step by step publishing guide for Professional Indie Writers, from final draft to publication, and launch marketing, with  editing, cover, and design resources.  The Indie Writer’ Handbook is a B.R.A.G medallion Honoree and was awarded a Bronze medal by the Florida Authors and Publishers Association .


Series Bundles by David Wiwnd


TALES OF NEVAEH: The Complete 8 Book Box Set; &

COPS, SPIES, & PI’s: The Mystery Suspense Thriller Box Set


"...This excellent thriller is enhanced by by the careful detail with which police investigatory procedures are described, by the presence of a sharp protagonist in Hyte, and by more than a few clever plot twists...."--WL - ALA Booklist (American Library Association)  On The Hyte Maneuver

Wind mostly confirms prejudices about venal, avaricious lawyers and real estate agents, but does so in a well oiled melodrama that should make good beach reading.  Publisher's Weekly on CO-OP 

Publisher's Weekly

"Angels in Mourning is a complex and fascinating story with a real surprise at the end"

Roberta Gellisbest selling author of the Magdalene La Bârtarde Mysteries On

 "...Half Thriller, Half whodunit, not half bad... Nicely handled stereotypes, from people to places to emotions.... Biggest asset is Hyte, who wears well enough to become a series hero." KIRKUS REVIEW on The Hyte Maneuver

"Hints of Star Wars blend with Shannara perhaps, and the result is nicely individual, futuristic, fascinating, and very well-told. Highly recommended."  Sheila Deeth VINE VOICE  on Born to Magic

"It takes a lot for a work of fiction to impress me but Angels did just that. David Wind has much respect for his readers and it shows." --Kelly Davis, reviewer, on Angels in Mourning

"Historical Fiction and Fantasy… Outstanding!"

—Andre Norton, SFFWA Grand Master, on Queen of Knights

"...Part science fiction, part fantasy ... Born To Magic' is a futuristic fantasy where the world of Nevaeh jumps off from the first page. " Lady Sara's Book Blog, On Born to Magic