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Beta Readers, Reviewer, and Marketing




Authors Cross Promotion (AuthorsXP):

For a small fee, AuthorsXP will find reviewers for your book. Please make certain you follow the instructions you receive when using this service.


Goodreads has a beta readers group where you may pick up one or two beta readers. Just be certain they read your genre.

Critique Match:

This is a website set up for you to search out the perfect critique partner and/or Beta Reader.


When we spoke of reviews, I quite strongly stated you should not pay someone to review your book. I believe this completely; however, there are services you pay, not to write reviews but to find people willing to read your book and write a review. This works, if you follow the rules governing reviews. But do remember, these people are not paid, so when they review a book, the review will be honest, and may not always be favorable.

Authors Cross Promotion:

Authors Cross Promotion offers a paid service that brings your book to UNPAID readers, who will review your book. There are rules, so please follow them to be successful.

Broad Universe:

This service puts your book on NetGalley, where hundreds of reviewers have the opportunity to review your book. There is a month by month charge for this.

Kirkus Reviews:

The oldest professional service available, and very expensive. They will review your book, but the results of the review are up to the individual reviewer, good, bad, or ugly. A good Kirkus review is worth a lot!

Big Al’s Books & Pals:

Big Al and his staff review books from around the world. The reviews from Big Al’s are bitingly honest reviews. He and his staff are unflinching in their search for the best Indie books out there.


Reedsy’s review service is an ethical review service. Please rea their requirements.

Use Google, Yahoo, or Bing to find more. Just be very, very, very, careful!



Amy Vansant’s AuthorsXP offers a half dozen types of marketing services. Amy, a successful author, and web designer started the AuthorsXP to help herself and her peers get through the daunting path of book marketing. What started small became much more. Amy and I are in a writers’ group together, and I have watched AuthorsXP grow into a service that goes the extra mile to help authors, both newbies and veterans build their sales, their newsletters, and their fans.

In her own words, Amy says, “I created this site to help authors, particularly Indie authors, avoid all the pitfalls I had to slog through. New authors will find a quick way to solve a lot of their marketing and production problems, and more experienced authors will band together and GROW with our Mailing List Building events and Read & Review programs.”

Bargain Booksy:

Operated by Written Word Media, I find Bargain Booksy to be as powerful a marketing site for discounted book promotions as is Freebooksy for free promotion.


BookBub is the current book marketing champion. With millions of subscribers, BookBub offers special features and a full advertising plan to their subscribers.

Book Barbarian /

For Science Fiction & Fantasy only.

Book Gorilla:

A strong marketing site. You will need to book this at least thirty to forty-five days in advance.

Book Doggy:

Choosy Bookworm:

Choosy is another of those smaller (not small) marketing sites I use. Jay and his staff will bend over backwards to help you. They also have new release features. I use Choosy six to eight times a year.

eBook Betty:

eBook Betty is another of my go-to sites. Inexpensive, it reaches enough subscribers to make it a worthwhile investment.

eBook Discovery:


This is another of those smaller (not small) marketing sites I use with regularity.

Ereader News Today:

ENT is a strong site for marketing to Amazon/Kindle readers and produces good results.



Log into your Facebook page, and begin to collect groups to post in.


Operated by Written Word Media, I find Freebooksy to be a powerful marketing site when doing a free book promotion.

Free Kindle Books & Tips (FKBT):

This marketing site is for free kindle books, and, offers a New Release promo, (free or not) on their Saturday newsletters. Michael also sends out newsletters filled with author tips to help you as you market your books.  FKBT is another of my favorite promo sites.

The Fussy Librarian:

Not the biggest book marketing site around, but one of the steadiest. Jeffrey, the head librarian is knowledgeable and great to work with. This is one of my go-to marketing sites I use at least eight times a year. The Fussy Librarian does have special deals, so keep your eyes open for them.

Kindle Nation Daily (KND):

Good promo results plus an add-in with Book Gorilla.

My Book Cave:

Reign of Reads

For Paranormal, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Dystopian, Action, Thriller & Mystery


A high level promo site

The Kindle Book Review:

A good site for Amazon exclusive books.


In addition, the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) has a book of recommended services they offer their members. I have not used any of their services; however, they have been vetted by the ALLi board.

There are hundreds of additional marketing websites. Be smart by being cautious in using any and all marketing websites.

Website Design

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