Interview with Cover Model Angelina Cavanaugh

Cover Model for Tales Of Mevaeh, Angelina CavanaughCover Model Angelina Cavanaugh, is the model for the Tales Of Nevaeh Series.

Welcome, Angelina, and thank you for doing this blog interview with me. You grace the cover of all the full length novels for Tales
Of Nevaeh, (Born To Magic, The Dark Masters, and Trinity); and, I have to say, when cover artist Erin Dameron Hill showed me your picture the first time, I knew you would be perfect—and you were! So, let’s let the readers out there know a little more about you.

Q: Angelina, tell us a little about yourself
Well, I’m a Jersey Girl to the fullest. I love having fun and just do my best to keep a free spirit. I am 30 years old and have 6 siblings. I have a passion for the Arts and am a dancer, I work as a pharmacy technician, and as bartender; I love my family and friends and hold them dear to my heart. I guess that’s me in a nutshell lol

Q: Angelina, how long have you been a book cover model?
I have been modeling for book covers since July 2013. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Q: Which type of books do you like to model for?
I don’t know that I have a favorite type or genre of books that I prefer to model for because I am very diverse and love to get in character. I enjoy dressing up, and taking on the different heroines…I grew up as a tomboy and feeling “pretty” wasn’t something that always came easily. So, I do have to say the pretty girly covers and badass fantasy ones have a special place in my heart!

Q: What is it like to be a cover model?
It’s really fun to be a cover model… it takes a lot of personality. I am very silly and like to try new things so it really was something that I had no problem trying.

Q: When you saw yourself on my cover, and especially as a green-eyed pale blonde, what were your thoughts?
Hahhaa when I saw myself on your series…I was blown away. I knew Erin had purchased the stock images and I was SO BEYOND excited to see where they would end up. The blonde hair really threw me off but my mom has green eyes and I always wished I had them too…I loved that! Oh and hello, the dragons made me super happy! ?

Q: What do you consider before accepting a job?
Before accepting a job regarding a cover, I mainly just consider the impact it will have on my modeling career…is it something I would be proud of? Does it showcase my strengths? Am I giving off a bad image or promoting something distasteful? Those kinds of things. I’ve been very fortunate in my cover modeling; the professionals I’ve encountered and worked with have been respectful and even open to new ideas if I am ever uncomfortable.

Q: Do you read any of the books you‘ve modeled for?
I am a very big reader…always have been… I do read all of the books I am on. I have a list going and it’s tough to keep up with sometimes lol I have always imagined myself as characters in stories and now I can do it and with a reason…because I AM the face of that person..

Q: I’m sure you’ve worked with many artists, how does the interaction between photographer, cover artist and yourself work?
Regarding book covers, I currently shoot with one photographer. Those stock images go up for sale to artists. Sometimes a special request is put in for me and other times it’s just “hey let’s see what we can come up with” .Photo shoots are super fun and I always have an open mind

Q: What are your long-term aspirations?
Hmmm…I’d really love to catch up to Fabio—lol
That dude has I don’t know how many covers exactly but….I want to make a name for myself in this business. Mostly because it’s not common. I feel like people should know I’m just a real and down to earth woman.

Q: Just one more question. What’s next for you?
I honestly don’t know what’s next for me…kind of just hoping it’s all an amazing journey. I hope to continue modeling for books and I am definitely looking to attend a few reader/writer conventions this calendar year! Keep your eyes and ears open. ?
Thank you Angelina, And for those of you who want to learn even more about Angelina Cavanaugh, here are a few links:
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